Sleepless in the Sleeper Car (Muscle Self-Worship, Abs Punching, Stomach Vacuums, Etc.)

Splurging on a sleeper car roomette during a cross-country railroad trip, Devon takes advantage of the privacy to play with his nipples, punch his diced abs, and worship his own shredded, striated, veiny muscles from every angle, whether day or night, in the lower bunk or the upper bunk. True muscle worshipers will love the variety of vantage points that show Devon’s stomach vacuums, most musculars, lat spreads, and other poses to full effect, even once he jacks off and blows his load near the end. All aboard, and if you see something sexy, say something! — from the product description. Gumroad-friendly version (minus the happy ending and cheaper) here. Please support this blog.

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