Devon and Tristan Compilation Winter Edition (Gut Punching, Navel Torture, Muscle Worship, Etc)

As we head into summer, look back on four incredibly hot winter GP sessions between Devon and Tristan in this discounted compilation combining:

Vermont Basement Beatdown: As hot and heavy as Vermont’s winters are long and cold, this clip, filmed in masked Tristan’s basement, strikes the perfect balance between worshiping Devon’s chiseled, muscular midsection and unleashing pent-up aggression on it. In between a beautiful mix of punching attacks on Devon’s shredded abs, Tristan lovingly caresses that godlike torso and twists it around for the camera to savor, and isolates each abdominal block with his fingers. He also gets Devon moaning by playing with Devon’s nipples, which are so perky they cast shadows, and impaling Devon’s belly button with his . Throughout we hear Devon’s grunts, growls and groans getting deeper as he relishes the just-right combination of affection, admiration, and abuse.

Green Mountains, Red Abs: This clip is for viewers looking for a wide variety of attacks to Devon’s shredded abs, both standing against a wooden post that digs into his back (you can see the scar when he turns around and flexes) and lying down on the weight bench as Tristan continues his assault with , dumbbells, and a sledgehammer. Whereas Vermont Basement Beatdown presented a more even mix of aggression and affection, this one’s much more lopsided in favor of pure aggression. The clip also includes lots of impaling — with an old-timey authentic police baton, hammer handles, and dumbbells all taking their turns on Devon’s belly button, which is rubbed raw by the end

Meat Rack (Strapped to a Punching Bag and Pounded): Devon has always bagged about being a human punching bag, but being strapped to a heavy bag like the one in Tristan’s Vermont basement is what separates the Green Mountain men from the boys. Whether being peppered with punches as Tristan wears boxing gloves or threatening to bust Tristan’s hands during the bare-knuckle part of the proceedings, Devon will have you thinking his shredded abs just might be harder than anything Vermont’s marble quarries have produced.

The 4 Bs: Basement Barbell in the Belly Button: Back home in Houston, Devon enjoys the shirtless weather but can’t stop thinking about the hot times he had in Tristan’s basement in Vermont, so he pulls out his tablet computer and starts jacking off to footage of the last time he was there. We cut to the basement where Tristan films Devon seated on the weight bench, which reminds Devon of the first orgasm he ever had — which, yes, occurred with a barbell across his belly button and was the first of many discoveries that led to his navel being such an erogenous zone and made him develop such strong shredded abs, which are pulled into a beautiful vacuum with the barbell lying across them. We cut back and forth from the action on the weight bench to Devon stroking it and getting off as he watches on his tablet. It’s a meta muscular masturbatory memory within a memory you’ll never want to forget as The 4 Bs delivers straight As in sweet belly button torture.

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  1. John

    Good morning Devon this is John we have e mailed before. Hope you are well. Can you call me or let me call you have a few questions about purchasing videos. Thanks 631-413-9404

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