Post-beatdown breakdown | Touchy-feely

Here I break down the first two parts of a new series, Smackdown in Secaucus, filmed last weekend in the Jewel of the Meadowlands with Jose, my most frequent collaborator. And because he’s my most frequent collaborator, in some respects this clip is a counterpoint to my recent breakdown In praise of unskilled sex

Smackdown in Secaucus part one is available to own here. Part two is here.

Post beatdown-breakdown | Decline and reversal

The twink from previous clips is back, this time taking a hammer handle to my belly button while I’m stretched out on a 60-degree incline before moving things into the bedroom.


This video was removed from YouTube for being too hot, so click here to access it.

(Upside-down) post-beatdown breakdown

Decompress with me as I tell you about a creative use for inversion tables (they’re a much better head rush than poppers). Muscle worship and gut punching are amazing upside down.

The 16-minute video Upside-down muscle worship, gut punching and nipple play is available to own at my clip store. The paintings appearing on the walls in that clip and others are also available to own; email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com to inquire.

Post-beatdown breakdown: The twink’s trajectory

Although gut punching and muscle worship don’t sound all that intuitive, they’re actually incredibly easy for relative newcomers and even first-timers to master. As is decidedly not true of the two staples of gay hookups – anal and oral – enthusiasm counts for more than technique, although when it came to manipulating a crutch in my belly button, this twink showed he had some alright.

Links to the full clips:

A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples – Part 1
A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples – Part 2
Testing Devon’s shredded abs and belly button with a crutch

Post-beatdown breakdown, Rounds 2 & 3 (2-on-1)

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. Part of it is that my uploading privileges to my YouTube channel are currently suspended due to it being too obvious how much I’m enjoying myself, so the video you’re about to watch is from a backup channel. That’s why it’s not enough to subscribe to the YouTube channel; you’ll want to follow this blog by clicking the folder at the top of the page and/or follow me on Facebook.

This video shows how Tristan and Jose maximized the longevity of the beatdown by varying their attacks on my abs to include “slow-pressure” methods that are also challenging (and erotic) but in a different way. I also talk a little about how for me, getting gut punched is more akin to being muscle worshiped than to being humiliated, and about the ambiguity of gut punching — how it can be this innocuous macho display between straight guys or something much more sexual. No prize for guessing where I fall along the spectrum.

NOTE: While originally making the blog versions of these videos I mixed up parts 2 and 3, which shows how sequences of events can get confused. So Part 2 corresponds to Part 3, and vice versa. The full clip for Part 2 (Part 3 in the blog) is here. The full clip for Part 3 (Part 2 in the blog) is here.

Cooking for abs (a vaguelytarian approach)

In response to some questions I’ve gotten about my diet, I’m alternating some flexing and ab punching footage with video of me cooking the staple dish I eat most often.

It’s basically a loose, fusion-y knockoff of some Indian pulao recipes, but it smells and tastes amazing. I eyeball all the quantities except the brown basmati rice and water (which is a 1-to-2 ration), so think of this as a conceptual recipe, not one you should “follow.” I also talk a little about how going “vaguelytarian” (I only eat meat a couple times a month at this point) has helped me lean out, stay lean and feel better while shrinking my carbon footprint a tad and, surprisingly, enjoying food more as a sensuous pleasure. Keep in mind I’m only describing my experience, not giving advice or preaching the virtues of vegetarianism.