Ebb and flow

Bodies and ocean (Montauk).

Although most of this footage was shot in Montauk, where I’m spending the week with a friend of the blog, it also includes snippets from Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2. Also, there’s a new addition to the clip store: a vintage (c. 2011) clip of a masked, less ripped but more muscular me flexing and impaling myself in the mirror (and cumming).


A roundup of my Folsom Street Fair weekend in San Francisco, including a meetup that was filmed and one that wasn’t.

Video of me and my nemesis with 15 years of sexual tension that got brutally released this weekend is on the way (the unlisted mini-preview is here). The solo video of me in the hotel room post-Folsom is now available here.

Happy Folsom unless you’re wholesome

I’m gonna go ahead and unlist this clip because YouTube is YouTube. So if you saw this because of the blog, you may already be following (click the folder icon if not), but why not follow my Instagram and Facebook pages too? A breakdown and full video of this action are coming soon, by the way – all the more reason to make sure you’re following the blog.

(Mid)westward ho | The apartment sitter

The twink who’s collaborated in my most popular videos is back with a new one, and he’ll be apartment sitting for me during my next trip to California (San Francisco and Los Angeles), Michigan (Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor or Detroit and Northeast Ohio (Cleveland).

If you’d like to meet me and help make or underwrite a video, check out the meetups page. Videos featured in this post include:

A twink muscle worships Devon, devours his nipples and punches his abs
Five year flexback (vintage Devon doing bodybuilding poses and jacking off)
Midwestern midsection medley (When Devon met Shane)

Decompressing with a friend | Realities of the road

The blog’s very first collaborator was back in Houston for a quick visit, so we hung out and caught up

New videos referenced in this clip include:

Midwestern midsection medley (When Devon met Shane)

Muscle worship, body squeezing, nipple play and jacking off with Ricar and Devon

Muscle worship during a naked yoga warm-up

Naked Devon flexing and oiling his ripped muscles

Muscle worship during a naked yoga warm-up

My sexy and super-flexible friend Ricar Trujillo is too much of a pacifist for gut punching, but his body’s too beautiful not to muscle worship. Kick off your shoes and namaste a while.

This clip features footage from our new available-to-own video, Muscle worship during a naked yoga warm-up.

Against g0yism | Alternatives to sexual conformity

Being a gay man who doesn’t like anal sex can feel like being an atheist in a village where every day is Christmas. But the sad and pathetic g0ys merely want to assert a new orthodoxy, a new form of mindless conformity. There are better ways to introduce alternative sexuality into the stagnant gay subculture without holding ourselves aloof from it and contributing to the endless proliferation of identities.

This video features footage from the follow available-to-own clips:

Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1.5-on-1)
Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 1
Naked Devon flexing and oiling his ripped muscles