Post-beatdown breakdown, Rounds 2 & 3 (2-on-1)

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. Part of it is that my uploading privileges to my YouTube channel are currently suspended due to it being too obvious how much I’m enjoying myself, so the video you’re about to watch is from a backup channel. That’s why it’s not enough to subscribe to the YouTube channel; you’ll want to follow this blog by clicking the folder at the top of the page and/or follow me on Facebook.

This video shows how Tristan and Jose maximized the longevity of the beatdown by varying their attacks on my abs to include “slow-pressure” methods that are also challenging (and erotic) but in a different way. I also talk a little about how for me, getting gut punched is more akin to being muscle worshiped than to being humiliated, and about the ambiguity of gut punching — how it can be this innocuous macho display between straight guys or something much more sexual. No prize for guessing where I fall along the spectrum.

Post-beatdown breakdown: NY/CT prelims

A look back at how my back-to-back gutpunching sessions with a guy in New York and Jose in Connecticut prepared me psychologically for my 2-on-1 session with Jose and Tristan (while giving me sore abs for it as well, lol). This is another one where hopefully some of the camaraderie and affection come through.

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Battered in the Berkshires, Part 4 (2-on-1)

After Tristan and Jose had put my already-sore abs through the wringer just about every which way, they toyed with me a little more before the big climax, which will be available soon in the unedited version via this blog (click the folder icon at the top of the page to follow). This scene has a little more tenderness than the others, but as you’ll see, by then even rubbing my abs hurt.

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Battered in the Berkshires, Part 2 (2-on-1)

For Round 2, Tristan and Jose broke out the restraints but didn’t show much restraint themselves, driving hard fists, elbows, knees, and feet into my abs and belly button.

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