Casting/crew call for muscle worship/GP videos

I’ve been laying a bit low on the blog the past few weeks to work on other things, but 1) I still post photos and short flexing clips on Instagram even when I’m not making new videos; 2) I have made a new solo video available at my clip store; and 3) I’m looking for new collaborators on muscle worship and gut punching videos in Houston, where I live, and in Philadelphia, where I’ll be Dec. 13-15, and Dallas/Fort Worth, where I’ll be Dec. 19-20.

Gut punching and muscle worship highlight reel | Holiday special

Some GP and muscle worship highlights from videos shot over the past six months. Full uncensored versions are available at my clip store. Get details here on our buy-2-get-1-free holiday special (through Dec. 31).

Testing my abs with a billy club

Immediately after filming the 33-minute video previewed in the last clip, Peter used a billy club to impale and whack my abs to make them even stronger.

Full uncensored clip available here.

If you like the ocean b-roll, you might like this footage below:

Warming up for a brutal gut punching ab workout

Peter, a Floridian fan of the blog, got his chance to test my abs in person yesterday in Fort Lauderdale. This is the first, and by far the least intense, minute of the 33-minute video Peter pounds away at Devon’s shredded abs – now available to own.

In addition to punches, expect a barrage of devastating kicks, knees, elbows, trampling, stomping, and full-body drops to my abdomen, while I (of course) keep flexing harder and harder. Peter wears a wrestling mask the first two-thirds of the video before unmasking himself as he further ratchets up the intensity.

Flexing, self-punching and impaling ab workouts

Flexing and self- punching, plus demonstrating that the pressure of leaning all your weight into an object like a crutch pressed into your belly button (or having a friend lean into it) is great for building strength in your abs.

Footage taken from Diagnosis: Narcissistic Masturbatory Disorder with Self-Abuse and Admiring and abusing Devon’s shredded physique.

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Flexing muscles after getting a good pump at the gym

A nice simple flexing video for a change to give you guys a break from the art films. 😉

There are new nude, available-to-own versions–one with a mask, one without–at the clip store. As always, I appreciate your support.