Videos and cam shows

My new Clips4sale studio is home to the sweet spot between gut punching, muscle worship, and nipple play. No bored models phoning it in or afraid to show how much they love being worshiped and beaten. This is the unapologetically erotic side of aggressive physicality and muscle.

To take advantage of the HOLIDAY SALE, buy TWO clips via this link, email a copy of the receipt to, and let me know which video to send you via Dropbox. Note: the free video must be of equal or lesser value to the cheaper of the two you bought, and must be on this list (if you want a title that’s not on the list, make sure that’s one of your purchased ones, not the freebie):

Muscle worshiped and gut punched by a lanky jock (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 1 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 2 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 4 (1080p or 640p)
Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia (720p or 640p)
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 1 (1080p or 640p)
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2 (1080p or 640p)
Bedpost in the Belly Button (1080p or 640p)
Naked Devon flexing and oiling his ripped muscles (1080p or 640p)
Muscle worship during a naked yoga warmup (1080p or 640p)
Muscle worship, body squeezing, nipple play and jacking off with Ricar and Devon (1080p or 640p)
Midwestern midsection medley (When Devon met Shane) (1080p or 640p)
Five year flexback (vintage Devon doing bodybuilding poses and jacking off) (1080p or 640p)
A twink muscle worships Devon, devours his nipples ad punches his abs (1080p or 640p)
A twink tramples, scissors, muscle worships, and chokes Devon till he cums (1080p or 640p)
Devon punches his shredded abs and does bodybuilding poses in a harness and jockstrap(1080p or 640p)
Blindfolded Devon gets his brutal comeuppance (1080p or 640p)
Mirrored masked muscleman impaling himself, doing bodybuilding poses and jacking off (1080p or 640p)
Masked Devon flexing, punching himself and jacking off in a singlet in Montauk (1080p or 640p)
Admiring and abusing Devon’s shredded physique (1080p or 640p)
Diagnosis: Narcissistic Masturbatory Disorder with Self-Harm (1080p or 640p)
The magic wand in Devon’s belly button (plus ab punching and flexing) (1080p or 640p)
Doing naked bodybuilding poses and jacking off by the mirror (1080p or 640p)
Peter pounds away at Devon’s shredded abs (1080p or 640p)
Bullied with a billy club and punches (1080p or 640p)

I also do cam shows with VERY intense flexing and self-punching, including using a variety of toys and an inversion table. They’re $40 for 10 minutes or $60 for 20 minutes, payable via PayPal or Facebook Messenger. Add me on Skype (Devon Britt-Darby) and request a show.