Casting/crew call for muscle worship/GP videos

I’ve been laying a bit low on the blog the past few weeks to work on other things, but 1) I still post photos and short flexing clips on Instagram even when I’m not making new videos; 2) I have made a new solo video available at my clip store; and 3) I’m looking for new collaborators on muscle worship and gut punching videos in Houston, where I live, and in Philadelphia, where I’ll be Dec. 13-15, and Dallas/Fort Worth, where I’ll be Dec. 19-20.

Happy Folsom unless you’re wholesome

I’m gonna go ahead and unlist this clip because YouTube is YouTube. So if you saw this because of the blog, you may already be following (click the folder icon if not), but why not follow my Instagram and Facebook pages too? A breakdown and full video of this action are coming soon, by the way – all the more reason to make sure you’re following the blog.

Pounding Devon’s abs with fists, elbows, and knees

The full 7-minute clip features a creative, ruthless barrage of punches, elbows and knees to Devon’s shredded abs. Jose also gives Devon’s succulent nipples lots of attention, but that doesn’t make life any easier for his battered midsection – it just makes him that much more erotically primed to receive every vicious blow.

The video and other titles are available at my new clip store, just in time for the weekend. Thanks, and enjoy!

Road tripping through the flyover states March 5-17

And they all went for Trump! The road is where I fall in love with America over and over again, no matter how much mediated America — the America I see through screens — infuriates and frightens me. It’s a high and low America of art museums and one-star motels, an America where there are often a handful of gay bars in town, if that, and where closet cases are often most open to my idea of fun.

It’s an America I want a young friend of mine to experience before he moves on to a new chapter in his life. So we’re taking a ride through the flyover states – or around 10 or 11 of them, anyway, all of which went for Trump — and staying open to the art, experiences, and people we encounter.

And we hope to get as much interesting footage as possible, and we’ll upload videos as close to daily as we can manage.

We’ll be improvising, but we expect to spend the night in or around Jackson, Mississippi; Nashville, Tennessee; Cincinnati, Toledo and other parts of Ohio and/or Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; Saint Louis, Missouri; Kansas City; either Oklahoma City or Bentonville, Arkansas, and Dallas-Ft.Worth.

If you’re in one of those areas and are interested in helping make a video, or you live elsewhere but would like to help support this project by commissioning a private custom video or a cam show, please either message me on YouTube or like/follow my Facebook page or my Instagram account and message me there.


Muscle worship clip plus sexy travel tips

Finally, a muscle worship video that also teaches you how to protect your data when you travel internationally!

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Link to my XTube page for a version of this clip minus the PSA (it’s actually the same length, not longer as the YouTube video says – it’s been uploaded and once it’s done processing will be here) 



Masculine in bed (masc4masc?)

My first commentary video – on Valentine’s Day, as it happens — includes the story an ex who said I was masculine in bed – but did he have to sound so surprised? I also discuss the masc4masc controversy in light of my view that the bedroom is the best place for letting our dark sides out.

The commentary is voiceover – instead of a talking head video I thought I’d have flexing, gutpunching and other footage running as I talk. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Mesh vest

Another pair of flexing and gutpunching clips, this time wearing a black mesh vest and playing with my nipples, which are my only truly world-class body part. Part one is on my YouTube channel (please like and subscribe):

and part two, which includes me impaling myself by sticking a crutch in my belly button and leaning on it, is on XTube.