Oiling and Flexing Ripped Muscles (Solo Muscle Worship, Stomach Vacuums, Etc.)

From the product description for Oiling and Flexing Ripped Muscles: Watch Devon do up-close flexing for the camera, popping every striation and vein, then stretch out and writhe around on the couch, twisting his beautiful shredded torso in ways that emphasize how tiny his waist is — especially when he does stomach vacuums — how chiseled his Adonis belt is, and how diced his obliques are. This is a truly sensuous muscle worship clip — note to gut punching fans that Devon does not punch his abs in this video, instead sensuously rubbing them (as well as his beautiful perky nipples) as he moans in pleasure.

Available for purchase at my Gumroad or Clips4Sale studios.

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