Florida Man Worships My Muscles

From the product description for Florida Man Worships My Muscles: Devon’s gone to Orlando, but not to make a Disney movie. Still, his hotel room becomes a magic kingdom for muscle worshipers, specifically Flordia man lucky enough to rub oil all over Devon’s shredded pecs, veiny arms and diced abs — and to punch Devon’s abs and play with his exquisite, perky nipples as he moans in pleasure. Every minute of this video makes clear how much Devon loves being worshiped, and his ripped, striated body is a theme park unto itself for guys who love feeling rock-hard lean muscles.

Available at my Gumroad studio.

I’ll be in Oklahoma City Oct. 14 and in Dallas Oct. 15. Email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com if you’d like to meet up or order a custom video. You can also add Devon Britt-Darby on Skype for a flexing show.

On a personal note, I’m nearing completion of the pre-practicum in a course to get certified as a functional health coach, and I’ll be looking for practice clients soon. The first several clients I take on will be pro bono, so if you’d like to learn more, watch this short video.

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