Post-beatdown breakdown: Round 1 (2-on-1)

Notice how Jose varies how much slack he gives me as he holds me while Tristan hammers away at my abs, also mixing up the pace and punches. This beatdown showcases the Saint Sebastian martyr’s physique I’ve attained and reminds me of what a behavioral psychologist I saw on YouTube said about vacations — that the most satisfying ones are those in which you prioritize pleasure over comfort (and they’re not the same thing).

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Battered in the Berkshires, Part 2 (2-on-1)

For Round 2, Tristan and Jose broke out the restraints but didn’t show much restraint themselves, driving hard fists, elbows, knees, and feet into my abs and belly button.

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Battered in the Berkshires, Part 1 (2-on-1)

My abs were already sore from back-to-back gutpunching beatdowns when Tristan and Jose teamed up and went to town on them. How much could I take?

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Icing my abs between beatings

My abs were sore after intense gut punching sessions two nights in a row, and I had a two-on-one session coming up in half an hour. I needed them iced down to prepare myself to withstand what was next. This is just a taste of what you’re about to see at length in upcoming clips!

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