Couples Therapy: Taking Turns (Complete Gumroad Edition)

From the product description for Couples Therapy: Taking Turns (Complete Gumroad Edition): The couple that pounds away at shredded abs together stays together, so Devon has kindly offered his ripped, muscled torso for abuse to young lovebirds (and BG East stars) Ash DeLeon and Freddy Campbell. As they take turns filming and cheering each other on, each lover gets a turn at devastating Devon’s abs with boxing gloves, MMA gloves, bare knuckles, knees, elbows, and feet. Devon takes it like a champ but gets doubled over and dropped several times.

(Note: a version of this video including two happy endings on Devon’s abs will be available soon. The Gumroad version ends just before that action starts.)

Interested in a cam show or custom flexing video? Email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com or message me on Instagram (@homoabnormative).

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