Abs Destroyed in Dallas Complete Edition (Gut and Pec Punching, Muscle Worship, Wrestling Around, Trampling)

It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten to meet up with someone in person to collaborate on a video, but I feel like we made up for lost time. Although we’ve both received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, we wore masks to keep things as much on the safe side as possible. I’m looking forward to doing more traveling and hopefully getting back into meetups after getting the second dose; email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com if you’re in the United States and are interested in getting together.

From the product description for Abs Destroyed in Dallas:

Devon meets up with an admirer in Dallas who’s been wanting to test his abs for a long time, and the pent-up energy shows. This clip has a great variety of ab punishment with punches, body squeezes, elbows, knees and feet all taking their toll on Devon’s ripped midsection. The guys also indulge in mutual muscle worship and our new collaborator even takes some punches from Devon. Another classic sure to be loved by guys who love raw, unstaged gut punching sessions. 

Available both at Gumroad and at my Clips4Sale studio.

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