(Mid)westward ho | The apartment sitter

The twink who’s collaborated in my most popular videos is back with a new one, and he’ll be apartment sitting for me during my next trip to California (San Francisco and Los Angeles), Michigan (Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor or Detroit and Northeast Ohio (Cleveland).

If you’d like to meet me and help make or underwrite a video, check out the meetups page. Videos featured in this post include:

A twink muscle worships Devon, devours his nipples and punches his abs
Five year flexback (vintage Devon doing bodybuilding poses and jacking off)
Midwestern midsection medley (When Devon met Shane)

Post-beatdown breakdown: Round 1 (2-on-1)

Notice how Jose varies how much slack he gives me as he holds me while Tristan hammers away at my abs, also mixing up the pace and punches. This beatdown showcases the Saint Sebastian martyr’s physique I’ve attained and reminds me of what a behavioral psychologist I saw on YouTube said about vacations — that the most satisfying ones are those in which you prioritize pleasure over comfort (and they’re not the same thing).

The full clip is available to own here.

Email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com for cam shows or meetups.

Battered in the Berkshires, Part 3 (2-on-1)

The gloves come on and off as Tristan works me over while Jose makes sure I’m not going anywhere. By now you can see the fear in my eyes as I’m not only on my third consecutive day of beatdowns, but they’ve already worked me over twice.

Fortunately, they are masters of the psychological and physical rhythms of an ambitious gutpunch session, and they work together beautifully. And during some accidentally recorded footage at the end you get a real sense of our camaraderie. More clips to come, plus an unedited version available via this blog — follow by clicking the folder icon at the top of the page. Also follow me on social media:

Battered in the Berkshires, Part 2 (2-on-1)

For Round 2, Tristan and Jose broke out the restraints but didn’t show much restraint themselves, driving hard fists, elbows, knees, and feet into my abs and belly button.

The unedited clip is here (Part 2 in the blog actually corresponds with Part 3 in the clip store – long story). Click the folder on the top of this page to follow this blog.

Battered in the Berkshires, Part 1 (2-on-1)

My abs were already sore from back-to-back gutpunching beatdowns when Tristan and Jose teamed up and went to town on them. How much could I take?

More clips are on the way and an uncut version WILL be made available soon on this blog. Click the folder icon near the top of your browser to follow.


When visiting Dallas, show up ready to flex in black 29-inch-waist jeans (okay, they’re Guess, but it’s a good guess!) and be dazzled by the starchitecture.

Message me here or on social media for cam shows and/or if you want to connect on my next trip to Philadelphia, New York and New England (April 28-May 7).

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Road trip wrap-up / What’s up with my channel

Back home in Houston, looking back on my recent road trip.

The next excursion will be to Philadelphia, New York and New England April 28 through early May (exact dates/stops TBD). If you’re interested in a personal appearance, cam show or custom video, click here.

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