Sensuous Self-Muscle Worship (Flexing, Stomach Vacuums, Etc.)

From the product description: If the more sensual side of solo muscle worship appeals to you, with Devon’s cock bobbing in and out of the frame throughout, this clip’s for you. As he flexes every sinewy, striated muscle, he rubs oil over his beautiful torso, plays with his succulent nipples, punches his rock-hard abs, makes his waist even tinier with stomach vacuums, and gets himself off (with his cock fully in view for the happy ending).

Available for purchase here.

On another note, I have some paintings on view through April 18 at Bill Arning Exhibitions in Houston. They’re open noon-6 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays at 604 West Alabama. Stop by and check them out if you’re in town.

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