Seattle Muscle Service Package (Body Worship, Ab Punching, Etc.)

We’ve got another hot discounted combo for muscle worship fans, pairing a couple of spontaneous encounters in Seattle between Devon and admirers of his ripped physique. The two featured videos are also available individually but at a higher per-clip cost.

Seattle Symbiosis (Devon and His Muscle Worshiper):

This clip is a true muscle worshiper’s delight — sensuous muscle worship from above and below by an admirer who really knows how to make his muscleman feel like a muscle god. Along with caressing every shredded, striated, veiny inch of Devon’s upper body, his worshiper gives Devon’s succulent nipples plenty of attention, tests those amazing abs with punches, and sinks his fist and leans into Devon’s belly button, making him moan with pleasure before blowing a huge load (note: this happy ending is available exclusively for Clips4Sale customers and is not included in the Gumroad edition.) It’s downright cosmic how worshiper and worshipee achieve total harmonic convergence in the Emerald City.

Muscles Serviced in Seattle

This video documents a spontaneous encounter Devon had in Seattle with a sexy Latino traveler he was chatting with on Scruff whose hotel turned out to be a few steps away (screenshots of their chat included)! His admirer worships Devon while operating the camera, and we’re treated to a variety of angles, including some beautiful footage showing Devon’s shredded physique silhouetted against the window. The admiration has its usual effect on Devon, himself so turned on by his own muscles that he soon blows his load. A tribute to the joys of truly serendipitous, unscripted collaboration.

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