Devon and Tristan Summer Trilogy (Gut Punching, Muscle worship, Etc.)

Enjoy the perfect variety of gut punching, muscle worship, domination, and sensuousness in this sizzling hot, specially discounted trilogy filmed during a beautiful Vermont summer. Note that each part of the trilogy is available separately, but at a higher per-episode cost.

Mauled in the Meadow (Outdoor Gut Punching, Muscle Worship, Etc): Devon and his shredded abs are reunited in rural Vermont with Tristan, his puncher in the classics Vermont Basement Beatdown; Green Mountains, Red Abs; and Meat Rack, for some sizzling outdoor action as masked Tristan, who’s returned shirtless and looks great, stretches Devon out on a rock and rocks that ripped midsection with brutal punches. Tristan also massages and claws Devon’s abdomen, sinks his clenched hand and leans his weight into Devon’s belly button, and plays with Devon’s beautiful nipples. A new gut-punching masterpiece and a must-have for any true GP and lean muscle aficionado.

Red Abs in the Red Shed (Gut Punching, Muscle Worship, Etc.): As part of another hard round of gut punching, Tristan also tests Devon’s core strength by impaling him in the belly button with a tool handle and massages and caresses Devon’s writhing ripped torso and perky nipples.

Beyond the (Im)pale: The punches to Devon’s beautiful midsection are as vicious as they’ve ever been, but Tristan also takes tool shed implements and digs them into Devon’s belly button. They also take a double-edged tool and mutually impale each other while hanging from the shed beams. A super-erotic twist on the usual classic gut punching.

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