Are gut punching and muscle worship sex or not?

Funny how gut punching and muscle worship are too gay for some beholders and not gay enough for others.


  1. Gurt Frobe

    IMHO…GP and mirin are two different forms of the same thing and sometimes in reverse. Think about it. One has to flex and display his muscles for another dude (already homoerotic) for which in turn he feels your muscles (also homoerotic) albeit with his fist and not just a gentle rub. The reverse is you are worshipping yourself by taking and watching those powerful blows bounce off your muscles. It’s more than just that however. In its simplest expaination one shows off his muscles and the other admires them. Again, it’s many things…I’m my case it reminds me of junior high and high school. God damn! Everybody was testing each other out…comparing…. if you will. In school hardly a day would go by without someone wanting punch my abs under the pretense that they were curious if they were as hard as they look. Which also means that it could be a sneaky way of feeling another’s hot muscles or as innocent as actually just comparing muscles as most all teen do at some point in time. GP/worship can BE sex or a form of foreplay or just boys being boys. The problem is: There are 7.5 billion people on this planet which means there are 7.5 billion
    different ways people define define sex. Haha…. and it only gets more complex from here. Somehow over time we change cuz back in school everybody thought they had the best muscles but for whatever reason as an adult they begin this think the is a bit weird. It is rare but certainly not weird. There are MUCH stranger ways of enjoying sex than getting off on dominating a hot set of abs or submitting them for abuse.

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