Against g0yism | Alternatives to sexual conformity

Being a gay man who doesn’t like anal sex can feel like being an atheist in a village where every day is Christmas. But the sad and pathetic g0ys merely want to assert a new orthodoxy, a new form of mindless conformity. There are better ways to introduce alternative sexuality into the stagnant gay subculture without holding ourselves aloof from it and contributing to the endless proliferation of identities.

This video features footage from the follow available-to-own clips:

Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1.5-on-1)
Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 1
Naked Devon flexing and oiling his ripped muscles


  1. Jerry

    I appreciate your creativeness and thoughts in each vignette you produce.
    The insertions of travel, places of interest, background terrain etc., I find distracting and intrusive to the point of each episode you produce.
    I find my interest wanes after the first insertions of such while viewing and I almost never continue to watch these compelling videos.

  2. marco

    devon, of course we’ve talked many times about this, and you know I agree in every way, but i think this is the clearest statement ever of this idea. and thanks for clearing up that g0ys are not “gentiles” nor a stubborn typo. blessings and love and safe travels home tomorrow

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