Against g0yism | Alternatives to sexual conformity

Being a gay man who doesn’t like anal sex can feel like being an atheist in a village where every day is Christmas. But the sad and pathetic g0ys merely want to assert a new orthodoxy, a new form of mindless conformity. There are better ways to introduce alternative sexuality into the stagnant gay subculture without holding ourselves aloof from it and contributing to the endless proliferation of identities.

This video features footage from the follow available-to-own clips:

Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1.5-on-1)
Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 1
Naked Devon flexing and oiling his ripped muscles

Post-beatdown breakdown: NY/CT prelims

A look back at how my back-to-back gutpunching sessions with a guy in New York and Jose in Connecticut prepared me psychologically for my 2-on-1 session with Jose and Tristan (while giving me sore abs for it as well, lol). This is another one where hopefully some of the camaraderie and affection come through.

Breakdown of the 2-on-1 sessions, plus the unedited clips will be available soon via this blog – click the folder icon at the top of the page to follow. Email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com for cam shows and appearances. Also follow me on social media:

Battered in the Berkshires, Part 4 (2-on-1)

After Tristan and Jose had put my already-sore abs through the wringer just about every which way, they toyed with me a little more before the big climax, which will be available soon in the unedited version via this blog (click the folder icon at the top of the page to follow). This scene has a little more tenderness than the others, but as you’ll see, by then even rubbing my abs hurt.

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Battered in the Berkshires, Part 3 (2-on-1)

The gloves come on and off as Tristan works me over while Jose makes sure I’m not going anywhere. By now you can see the fear in my eyes as I’m not only on my third consecutive day of beatdowns, but they’ve already worked me over twice.

Fortunately, they are masters of the psychological and physical rhythms of an ambitious gutpunch session, and they work together beautifully. And during some accidentally recorded footage at the end you get a real sense of our camaraderie. More clips to come, plus an unedited version available via this blog — follow by clicking the folder icon at the top of the page. Also follow me on social media: