The 4Bs: Basement Barbell in the Belly Button

Welcome to the first blog-exclusive video, which all the casual followers at YouTube who haven’t figured out how to click a link will miss. It probably would have gotten me suspended for a couple of weeks anyway. In the full video, which is out now, I tell the story of my first orgasm, which erupted when I had a barbell in my belly button, and then re-enact it — but it’s a memory within a memory, because there’s also footage of me watching the basement footage on my tablet computer and jacking off.

I hope you’ll keep coming back to the blog, because I’ve got a special series of exclusive videos that aren’t merely trailers for the clip stores, but that really take a deeper dive into what this gut punching and muscle worship stuff are all about and how we can start forming a real community around our shared passions.

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