Post-beatdown breakdown: NY/CT prelims

A look back at how my back-to-back gutpunching sessions with a guy in New York and Jose in Connecticut prepared me psychologically for my 2-on-1 session with Jose and Tristan (while giving me sore abs for it as well, lol). This is another one where hopefully some of the camaraderie and affection come through.

Breakdown of the 2-on-1 sessions, plus the unedited clips will be available soon via this blog – click the folder icon at the top of the page to follow. Email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com for cam shows and appearances. Also follow me on social media:


  1. Rob

    Loved the whole series. Trust is important for complete enjoyment and fulfillment and it sounds like you have that with Jose and the other participant. Look forward to the unedited versions.

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