Cooking for abs (a vaguelytarian approach)

In response to some questions I’ve gotten about my diet, I’m alternating some flexing and ab punching footage with video of me cooking the staple dish I eat most often.

It’s basically a loose, fusion-y knockoff of some Indian pulao recipes, but it smells and tastes amazing. I eyeball all the quantities except the brown basmati rice and water (which is a 1-to-2 ration), so think of this as a conceptual recipe, not one you should “follow.” I also talk a little about how going “vaguelytarian” (I only eat meat a couple times a month at this point) has helped me lean out, stay lean and feel better while shrinking my carbon footprint a tad and, surprisingly, enjoying food more as a sensuous pleasure. Keep in mind I’m only describing my experience, not giving advice or preaching the virtues of vegetarianism.

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