Appalachian Abs Bash Complete Edition now available

I’m excited to combine both parts of our popular Appalachian Abs Bash series into one incredibly hot, discounted edition. This video balances sensual muscle worship with aggressive ab punishment perfectly.

Part 1: Devon is reunited in a West Virginia hotel room with the sexy masked Shane Tyler, who made appearances on the homoabnormative blog. Their bodies complement each other perfectly–Devon is lanky and shredded; Shane is powerfully built and can give Devon’s abs a good pounding. They start on the bed with Shane feeling Devon’s flexing muscles and beginning to work his ripped midsection over. Shane bends Devon over into an arch and gut punches him from below before laying him out and doing knee drops and elbow slams into his navel. Then the action moves into the bathroom, where Devon flexes in front of the mirror as Shane keeps up and varies the attack. At one point Devon pumps himself up with an elastic band until Shane takes it and uses it on him. Shane keeps up the GP pressure for more than 20 minutes while still getting plenty of hot muscle worship in.

Part 2: We open Part 2 with Devon pumping up with an elastic resistance band as sexy masked Shane comes up behind him and begins feeling his muscles and playing with his nipples. “Oil me up,” Devon says, and Shane obliges, rubbing oil all over Devon’s shredded torso as he moans with pleasure and his physique gleams. Up until now (three minutes in), the muscle worship has been purely sensual, but now Shane starts hitting those glistening abs with nice hard punches. Shane also grabs the GoPro and treats us to some amazing POV shots of Devon’s rock-hard abs, his striated pecs and scintillating nipples, his veiny biceps and forearmsn — and, of course, Shane’s punches. The balance tips toward muscle worship with GP interludes for the first nine-and-a-half minutes, but then we switch into more challenging terrain as Devon lays on his back on the floor and flexes and moans while Shane digs the foot of a chair into Devon’s belly button for the rest of the video. Devon looks absolutely shredded, pumped, and in the cross-hairs between pain and ecstasy as Shane puts his own leg on the chair and leans in as he digs and twists. Devon’s reactions are to for and his muscles look amazing as he flexes, writhes, growls and groans. After Shane finally relents we get a nice lingering closeup of the imprint the chair foot left on Devon’s belly button – but not before Shane tramples him and digs his heel in a few times. This one’s a smoldering instant classic.

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