Smackdown in Secaucus (Complete Explicit Edition with Gut Punching, Wrestling, Trampling, Muscle Worship, 2-on-1)

Finally, all four parts of the classic GP/wrestling/muscle worship series Smackdown in Secaucus are available in a combined discounted edition. Part 1 features Jose, who went on to become Ash DeLeon of BG East fame, hitting Devon hard — first with boxing gloves as he fires away at those abs like he’s hitting the speed bag before leaning all his weight into Devon’s belly button. Then Jose takes the gloves off, whacks Devon across the abs a few times with them, and starts using his newly freed fingers to add nipple play to the mix. No sooner do you see Devon drifting into ecstasy from the nipple play than reality and Jose’s slam back into Devon’s shredded six-pack. But they never let up on the sensuality, either, as we’re treated to long stretches of Jose holding Devon close to him and caressing his torso as he hammers away at it. About halfway through we changes angle to get a great view of Devon’s martyr pose and Jose’s increasingly muscular upper body, and as part of the fun Jose pulls grabs Devon by the briefs, pulls him as far forward as the restraints will allow before knocking him back with a hard punch. In the final moments, Jose grabs the camera and treats us to nice closesups surveying his damage to Devon’s beautiful abs.

Part 2 is a case study in the affectionate side of gut punching, which is not to say it’s any less of a workout for either of the guys than more combative GP styles. On the contrary, they work up a nice sweat, which in Jose’s case in particular gives off his increasingly toned and sexy bod a gorgeous sheen as he grabs Devon by the waist, pulls him close, and puts him through his paces. But the genuine tenderness and pleasure with which Jose caresses Devon’s ripped torso and plays with his nipples lulls Devon into an erotic trance every time, rendering the shock of each sudden onslaught all the more intense even though we, along with Devon, know it’s coming. Jose’s Jekyll-and-Hyde mojo, along with Devon’s obvious determination to make his heel proud–add a special psychological appeal to the creative mix of punches and belly-button pressure maneuvers.

Although the action in Part 3 includes two guys pounding away at Devon’s ripped abs, one of them — Jose from parts 1 and 2 — is behind the camera while he takes his shots, so mostly all you see his is and forearm, but you can hear his trash talk and it’s plain to see his punches have plenty of pop behind them and that Devon loves when he sinks them in deep. Meanwhile Devon is taking on a sexy little masked Asian spark plug in Kevin, who’s sporting bright red wrestling boots and relishes worshiping Devon’s rock-hard muscles and going after his shredded abs. He wastes no time digging his knee into Devon’s belly button and balancing all his weight on it, followed by elbow drops, body slams and trampling Devon while pressing his hands against the ceiling to intensify the pressure. Kevin is a real dynamo and attacks Devon with gusto, but Devon’s abs are so freakishly strong that it soon becomes clear Kevin needs to hold Devon tight in full nelsons while Jose reigns down a vicious barrage of punches and elbows and Devon’s cockiness starts to subside. There are also sensuous muscle worship interludes and an enthusiastic scissor lock around Devon’s waist courtesy of Kevin. Near the end we get Kevin flexing and posing triumphantly atop Devon’s battered torso.

Part 4 opens with Devon flexing his muscles and admiring his beautiful ripped physique in the mirror when Kevin comes up from behind and starts pawning at Devon’s body with his boxing gloves and punching his abs from behind. Then Devon turns around and Kevin unleashes a barrage of punches, which Devon loves and withstands with ease. Jose beautifully films the action, changing up angles as expertly as Kevin changes up his variety of punches and knees to the midsection — at times having Devon take them standing, at times angled on the bed, and at times flat on the bed as Kevin covers Devon’s eyes while alternating between caresses and punches. Devon’s loving every minute and even reaches up to admire Kevin’s muscles and lightly pound his pecs. The rapport between the two guys is great to watch, but about six-and-a-half minutes in you realize Kevin’s just been priming Devon’s abs for Jose, who steps out from behind the camera to take a hammer — literally — to Devon’s abs of steel. First Jose strikes Devon’s midsection with the hammer, then he begins digging the handle into Devon’s belly button, electrifying Devon’s prostate as he strokes his cock in ecstasy while Kevin holds him from behind and plays with his amazingly perky nipples. When Jose bends down and leans hard into the camera, his handsome face occasionally enters the frame and you spy a look of pure erotic evil. Finally the navel torture is too much and Devon blows his load — there’s not a closeup of the cum shot, but Devon’s moans and writhing body leave no doubt he’s had an amazing orgasm. But the focus is on the sweaty bodies and camaraderie between these sexy studs. And if you like gear, Kevin looks amazing in his bright red wrestling shoes and matching GP boxing gloves.

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