Shredded Santa Eats Cookies in Bed (Muscle Worship, Ab Punching, Etc.)

From the product description for Shredded Santa Eats Cookies in Bed: As Shredded Santa (aka Devon in a Santa hat) makes his holiday deliveries, he finds that Naughty Johnny has left him a box of homemade cookies and can’t resist jumping into bed to eat them. Turns out the cookies are (literally) orgasmically good, and Santa/Devon gets crumbs all over himself as he moans, writhes, flexes his veiny muscles, punches his rock-hard abs, plays with his perky nipples, and gets himself off. Then Johnny shows up to shoot his own load all over Devon’s ripped, now cum-and-crumb covered abs. (Fun fact: Devon makes and eats these delicious yet low-carb chewy chocolate chunk cookies all the time without compromising his amazing abs. The recipe is free with the purchase of this video; just email us a screenshot of the receipt if you’d like to eat like a Shredded Santa too.)

Current travel:

Media, Penn. Dec. 8
Washington, D.C. Dec. 9
Norfolk Dec. 10
Richmond Dec. 11
Back to Houston Dec. 12

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