Gut punching and muscle worship highlight reel | Holiday special

Some GP and muscle worship highlights from videos shot over the past six months. Full uncensored versions are available at my clip store. Get details here on our buy-2-get-1-free holiday special (through Dec. 31).

Hot muscle pics as virtue signaling | Hashtag dedicated hashtag hard work

Have you ever noticed how often images of hot guys are accompanied by messages touting the importance of hashtag hard work, hashtag dedication, hashtag motivation, hashtag discipline hashtag maximizing-performance, hashtag no-excuses, hashtag proving-the-haters-wrong, hashtag hard-work-pays-off, hashtag did-i-mention-hard-work-being-a-very-good-thing?

One of the easiest ways to find eye candy, especially if you don’t mind it being accompanied by moralistic homilies or even diatribes on the virtues of hard work and/or the satisfaction of overcoming legions of unspecified haters, is to scroll through the hashtag dedicated on Instagram. I just found a bunch of hot guys to follow.

But I have a confession to make. I’m following them because they’re hot, not because I think they offer a much-needed reminder of the importance of hard work. Actually, I think our culture is full of reminders of the importance of hard work. We’re obsessed with it. It’s ingrained in our Puritanical DNA. The fact that there are a lot more people than there is useful work to be done never seems to enter the discussion.

And in fitness and bodybuilding culture, in particular, there’s a feedback loop between constantly promoting the guilt-ridden fear that you’re not working hard enough and consumption. After all, you gotta eat more of the right food and use the right supplements and the right gear to support all that hard work that you’d better be doing or else you’ll miss out on the chance to hashtag work-even-harder-tomorrow.

I was watching Generation Iron 2 on Netflix the other night, and of course 90 percent of the dialog emphasizes the duress, discipline and regimentation of bodybuilding. But this turned hilarious when the topic of muscle worship came up and the bodybuilders’ reactions ranged from amusement to disgust to genuine bewilderment over why anyone would be turned on by all that muscle, which is merely the byproduct of hashtag hard work.

I got up in the middle of watching to film a flexing clip with a happy ending. Hashtag dedicated.

This even shows up in bed sometimes when guys muscle-worship me. A lot of them feel compelled to praise me for my hard work. Even in bed, flexing is often deemed acceptable as a presentation of the hashtag results of hashtag hard work, not, god forbid, as a direct expression of the eroticism of blood being pumped into muscle. We’ve come a long way from the hedonistic Muscle Beach lifestyle promoted by the original Pumping Iron film in the 70s, which showed Arnold bragging about the orgasmic feeling of the pump and celebrating by smoking a doobie.

For me, muscle worship is about enjoying the muscular body in and of itself, not as a signifier of some work ethic. I sculpt my body because I want men to touch it, run their hands along it, caress every inch of it, and get physical with it, not because I want them to think I’m a hard worker, fueled by the resentment of myriad, presumably lazy, haters.

I work out because it’s the easiest way, not the most arduous, to get laid on my own terms. I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale November 11 through the 14, and I’m hoping to shoot some videos there that really demonstrate what muscle worship means to me and present it with a sense of true, unabashed eroticism. Make sure you’re following this (click the folder icon at the top of your browser) as some of those clips will probably have to be unlisted on the YouTube channel. I’ll also meet up with some guys off-camera, in private. I’ll also be traveling to Dallas and Philadelphia next month, and I’m based in Houston.

Flexing muscles after getting a good pump at the gym

A nice simple flexing video for a change to give you guys a break from the art films. 😉

There are new nude, available-to-own versions–one with a mask, one without–at the clip store. As always, I appreciate your support.

The latest (hurricane release special)

I’ve postponed by return to Houston for a week due to Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. I’ll be in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area through September 4, flying back to Houston on September 5. To help alleviate some of the uncertainty, I’m offering my clip store’s first special. So far as I know my apartment is still fine, and I hope you get off to my videos, so I’m calling it a hurricane release sale — not relief, though I’ll be relieved if it goes well.

Here’s how it works:

Buy $50 worth of videos from the homoabnormative clip store, email me the proof of purchase at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com, and choose your free video from the following titles:

Muscle worshiped and gut punched by a lanky jock (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 1 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 2 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 4 (1080p or 640p)
Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia (720p or 640p)
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2 (1080p or 640p)

Many thanks for your support, and be sure to let me know how you enjoy the videos.

Post-beatdown breakdown | In praise of unskilled sex

My YouTube posting privileges have been suspended — again — for being too hot — again — so for the next two weeks my clips will appear on another channel. That’s another reason you need to follow the blog — to be able to access new and unlisted clips (there are now a whole lot more of the latter). I reuploaded the video to another account, but it got taken down there, too, and for some reason my blog can’t embed the video at the new site where it’s been uploaded, so click here to access the breakdown.


In it, elaborating on the theme of a recent breakdown, I discuss why what I call unskilled sex is ideal for promiscuity. A full description (along with animated gifs and a preview clip) of the unedited video being broken down is here.

I’ve also got a new page for guys interested in meetups and, on a related note, a page detailing my August comings and goings.

(Upside-down) post-beatdown breakdown

Decompress with me as I tell you about a creative use for inversion tables (they’re a much better head rush than poppers). Muscle worship and gut punching are amazing upside down.

The 16-minute video Upside-down muscle worship, gut punching and nipple play is available to own at my clip store. The paintings appearing on the walls in that clip and others are also available to own; email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com to inquire.

Post-beatdown breakdown: The twink’s trajectory

Although gut punching and muscle worship don’t sound all that intuitive, they’re actually incredibly easy for relative newcomers and even first-timers to master. As is decidedly not true of the two staples of gay hookups – anal and oral – enthusiasm counts for more than technique, although when it came to manipulating a crutch in my belly button, this twink showed he had some alright.

Links to the full clips:

A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples – Part 1
A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples – Part 2
Testing Devon’s shredded abs and belly button with a crutch