Devon Dishes It Out (Gut Punching to Unflexed Abs, Muscle Worship, Etc.)

From the product description for Devon Dishes It Out (Gut Punching to Unflexed Abs, Muscle Worship, Jerking Off, Etc.): We’ve had a lot of demand for a video with Devon doing the gut punching, but his shredded abs make such an inviting target that it’s harder finding guys willing to catch his hands. The search is finally over with this sexy young stud, who not only gamely takes Devon’s hard punches (and gives him a few as well) but takes them unflexed. You’ll love the sound of his moans against the thudding of Devon’s clenched hands, and you’ll especially love how he moans as he cums at the end (note that although his cock and the orgasm are visible and hot, there’s no closeup of the cumshot — the excitement is seeing him get off while Devon’s still punching his now-red belly).

Current travel plans:

In Houston through Dec. 3
Fort Lauderdale Dec. 4-6
Philadelphia Dec. 7-8
Washington, D.C. Dec. 9
Norfolk Dec. 10
Richmond Dec. 11
Back to Houston Dec. 12

Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on the meetups page.

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