Hot Abs in Hell’s Kitchen (Hard Gut Punching, Navel Play, Muscle Worship)

From the product description for Hot Abs in Hell’s Kitchen (Hard Gut Punching, Navel Play, Muscle Worship):

Fans of Devon’s banned YouTube channel may recognize the masked stud he met up with in New York a couple of years ago. While they haven’t been able to reconnect during Devon’s previous visits to the Big Apple, they more than make up for lost time in this epic smackdown. Devon’s shredded midsection is more ripped than ever, and his New York assailant’s punches have only gotten harder. Enjoy Devon’s abs getting worked over from a variety of angles as he flexes his muscles in defiance and at times groans in a combination of joy and pain, and even worships his puncher’s big, muscular arms. If you can’t take the heat, get out of Hell’s Kitchen!

Current travel plans:

Portland, OR June 10-13
Seattle June 13-15
Houston June 16-18
Columbus June 19
Pittsburgh June 20-21
Philadelphia June 22-23
Washington, D.C. June 24-25
Back to Houston June 26

Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on the meetups page.

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