Orgasmic Self-Muscle Worship (Flexing, Ab Punching, Etc.)

From the product description for Orgasmic Self-Muscle Worship (Flexing, Ab Punching, Nipple Play, Jerking Off): Devon stretches his shredded, sinewy body all over the couch, exposing his muscles from a variety of angles as he pumps them up and admires them while punching his rock hard abs and playing with his perfect perky nipples. The pleasure he takes in his muscles is a huge turn-on, and he blows a huge low. This one’s a must for anyone who loves seeing a muscular guy getting off to his own ripped physique.

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Travel plans:

New Haven, CT May 30
New York City May 31-June 3
Myrtle Beach, SC June 4-5
Unavailable June 6
Charlotte, NC June 7
back to Houston June 8
Portland, OR June 11-14
Seattle June 14-15
Columbus, OH June 19
Pittsburgh June 20-21
Philadelphia June 22-23
Washington, DC June 24-25
back to Houston June 25

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