Beautiful Muscles in Bed (Flexing, Ab Punching, Etc.)

From the product description for Beautiful Muscles in Bed (Flexing, Ab Punching, Etc.): The afternoon light casts perfect shadows across the ridges of Devon’s abdomen and all his other sinews and striations, with every vein in bold relief, as he rolls around in bed flexing every shredded muscle. His abs sound like a tight, taut drum as he hammers away at them before jerking himself to a happy ending.

Current travel plans:

In Houston through May 29
New Haven, CT May 30
New York City May 31-June 3
Myrtle Beach, SC June 4-5
Unavailable June 6
Charlotte, NC June 7
back to Houston June 8

Additional plans will likely include the following areas (not necessarily in this order):

Minneapolis | Philadelphia
Pittsburgh | Portland, OR
Chicago | South Florida
Detroit | New England

Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on the meetups page.

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