Flexing my muscles and taking punches to my abs

Just a couple of quick excerpts from the latest available-to-own video on my clip store:

From the product description for Devon directs his muscle worshiper to batter and impale him:

We open with a few minutes of solo flexing as sexy shredded Devon, wearing compression tight, tests the light and waits for his muscle worshiper to arrive. When the worshiper shows up, he takes over filming and Devon, now naked, guides the cameraman through worshiping every inch of his stunning torso, front and back. Devon’s striated, veiny biceps and succulent nipples get plenty of attention. Before long, Devon naturally demands that his admirer start pounding his abs to test their incredible strength. They make that incredible sound like a taut drum as the man’s punches land again and again. Devon then orders his assailant to dig his into Devon’s belly button and then grab a crutch and lean all his weight in, eventually causing Devon to cum (although throughout the video the cameraman focuses on Devon’s muscles, not his cock, which only appears fleetingly), growling and moaning with pleasure.

There’s also a new solo flexing/jerkoff video, Devon gets off to flexing his muscles and punching himself. No prize for guessing what happens in that clip. 😉

Remember, we’re in the final days of our holiday special — details at this link.

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