On the road again (soon)

Yes, it’s that time again. I’ll be in the cities listed below looking to film on location (and/or have private, discreet, off-camera fun with underwriters whose support helps make these videos possible).

This highlight reel contains excerpts from the following popular clips (filmed spontaneously and 100 percent authentically on location from the Pacific Northwest to Texas to rural Vermont to South Florida) please support this blog with your purchases):

Hot Abs in Hell’s Kitchen
Smacked Senseless in Seattle
Securing Devon’s Stomach Vacuum
Devon and Goliath (Wrestling, Gut Punching, Frottage)
Red Abs in the Red Shed (Gut Punching, Muscle Worship, Etc.)
Myrtle Beach Breakdown (Gut Punching, Trampling, Body Scissors, Muscle Worship, Etc.)

Dallas Aug. 20-21
Houston Aug. 22-Sept. 3
Tampa Sept. 4-5
Worcestor, MA Sept. 6
Williamstown, MA Sept. 7-8
Boston Sept. 8
Hartford Sept. 9
Boston Sept. 10
Fort Myers, FL Sept. 11-13
Tampa Sept. 13
Back to Houston Sept. 14

Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on the meetups page.

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