Smacked Senseless in Seattle (Muscle Domination, Gut Punching, Wrestling, Etc.)

From the product description for Smacked Senseless in Seattle (Muscle Domination, Gut Punching, Wrestling, Etc.): Devon meets up with a big strapping muscle daddy in the Emerald City, and while he starts out flexing his shredded, sinewy muscles for the bigger man, soon enough his host’s 75-pound advantage asserts itself and he starts throwing Devon around, smashing his chiseled abs with hard punches and brutal knees, hammering his pecs with heavy hands, and putting him in all kinds of holds he can’t get out of. Occasionally the daddy lightens up on the abuse just long enough for mutual muscle worship and even lets Devon feed him his succulent nipples, but he quickly abandons all mercy and goes back to abusing Devon for our delight. As usual in Homoabnormative productions, none of the action is staged; what you’re seeing is these two men’s chemistry playing out — and Devon’s muscles being tenderized — in real time.

Current travel dates:

Philadelphia June 22-23 (limited availability
Washington, D.C. June 24-25
Back to Houston June 26

Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on the meetups page.

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