Vermont Basement Beatdown (Gut Punching, Muscle Worship, etc.)

Getting my abs worked over in exchange for a place to crash in Vermont. This video co-stars Tristan from last year’s popular Battered in the Berkshires series.

Vermont Basement Beatdown is available here. Perestrokin’ It, the happy ending with nudity to the Russian Meddling / Chicago Erections series, is only available in my Clips4Sale store, either individually or as part of the complete explicit edition, which is cheaper than buying each part separately. However, it’s even cheaper (and I get a bigger cut of sales) to buy the complete Gumroad edition, which includes Parts 1-4, and then buy Perestrokin’ It on Clips4Sale.

Also, as I mentioned last post, I will soon be launching a separate YouTube channel called Art Companion focusing on the museums I visit on the same trips I meet many of the collaborators for these videos. The channel page is currently blank (although there’s an unlisted “draft” of an early episode you’re welcome to watch and give feedback on), but it would help me get the new channel off to a great start when it launches if you’d hit the subscribe button (even if you never plan on watching any of the art videos — which you should!). Many thanks to those of you who help keep this going. It’s no exaggeration to say the blog would not be possible without you.

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