Myrtle Beach Breakdown Part 1 now available!

From the product description for Myrtle Beach Breakdown Part 1 (Gut Punching, Trampling, Body Scissors, Muscle Worship, Etc.): By popular demand we’re finally breaking up one of our hardest hitting epics into two parts! Devon was collaborating with Ash DeLeon of BG East fame BEFORE he became Ash DeLeon of BG East fame (when he was known simply as Jose). If you loved their past series No (New) Haven for Abs, Smackdown in Secaucus, Battered in the Berkshires and other videos, you’ll go crazy for Myrtle Beach Breakdown, with Ash not only looking hotter than ever but aiming to destroy Devon’s abs and will by any means necessary. Ash’s heavy hands, elbows, knees, and feet all dig ruthlessly into Devon’s belly button, and his powerful quads squeeze Devon’s tiny waist into oblivion. No matter how much Devon flexes his shredded, striated muscles in defiance, Ash keeps piling on the pressure. Note that it’s cheaper to buy the complete edition than to buy the two parts separately.

By the way, if you happen to be in Houston today, Sunday, Nov. 10, or on this coming Saturday or Sunday, Nov. 16 or 17, I’m having an open studio you’re welcome to drop in on. Event info is here.

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