Call for collaborators

I’m leaving Tampa Friday, July 26 to make my way back to Houston. If you’re in the South and want to help influence my route home, hit me up! Fill out the contact form on the meetups page. If there’s sufficient interest I may stop in Atlanta, though it would be out of my way; otherwise I’d probably hue closer along the coast. But I can take a more circuitous route if need be. I also travel to other cities around the United States.

This highlight reel included snippets from:

Seattle Symbiosis (Devon and His Worshiper) — Explicit Edition with Happy Ending
SeaTac Scuffle (Wrestling Around, Muscle Worship, Gut Punching, Nipple Play)
Muscle Worshiper’s POV Episode 3
Beachside Body Worship (Explicit Edition)
Tractor and Chain (Rustic Flexing and Ab Bashing)
Russian Meddling / Chicago Erections (Complete Gumroad Edition)
My Kind of (Bea)t(down) — Complete Edition

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