Tractor and Chain (Rustic Flexing and Ab Bashing)

From the product description for Tractor and Chain (Rustic Flexing and Ab Bashing): The rural setting–a North Carolina tree farm, far from prying eyes, except ours–couldn’t be better suited to backwoods-style flexing and showing off, and Devon, even more shredded than ever and wearing camouflage pants and a hunting cap, delivers in this suite of vignettes.

He alternates between flexing his muscles, popping veins while holding a tractor chain according to the cameraman’s exacting instructions, and being whacked across his beautiful ripped abs by a succession of available implements (of which the gun is actually the least brutal). He finishes with a triple gun show–holding a rifle behind his neck while flexing his biceps and twisting that diced, now beet-red torso per the cameraman’s dictates.

Note: there is a version of this video minus the gun scenes available on Clips4Sale, whose terms of service forbid the appearance (or mention) of weapons of any kind. It’s a few minutes shorter and a little cheaper.

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