A personal note (RIP, Mom)

I feel like I’ve been sleepwalking all week. As some of you who follow me on Facebook know, I lost my mom to the coronavirus on Sunday. As I explain in the video, my family is probably the luckiest of all the families in this position–that of learning how to do Zoom funerals and grieve simultaneously but apart–and my mother’s many underlying conditions were only getting worse, but there’s no way for it not to be sad.

Obviously, given the current situation I’m not able to travel and/or do meetups, but I’m more available than ever for cam flexing shows — just add “Devon Britt-Darby” on Skype or Facebook and message me that you want a cam show — or email me at homoabnormative@gmail.com. Private shows run $25 for 10 minutes (payable via PayPal or Venmo), but let me know if you’d be interested in pooling together with a few other viewers so that if, for example, there are five of you watching at once you each pay $5.

And it goes without saying that your video purchases would be appreciated now more than ever, either from my Clips4Sale studio, which has the explicit content, or my Gumroad studio, where you can get a 20 percent discount by entering “devongm” at checkout).

Also as mentioned in the video, I’ve added a page on this site featuring my paintings and drawings.

Finally, if enough interest materializes I’ll soon launch an OnlyFans page where you can access clips from my extensive back catalog of gutpunching and solo videos plus daily exclusive new content . Drop me a line to let me know if you’d potentially sign up for something like that.

I hope you’re staying safe and sane through these times and that those you love are as well.

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