Happy Independence Day, from sea to shining sea

Our politics increasingly lack legitimacy; we’re horrible to each other on social media, but for me, to travel the country, experiencing it up close, is to love the country. One of the perks of having to hunt far and wide for collaborators is what I see along the way. Sorry there’s no GP or muscle worship footage in this montage, but you can see as much as you like in the videos available at my Gumroad studio (non-nude videos only) and my Clips4Sale studio (includes videos with nudity; this is where nearly all the solo clips are, and the ones in which there’s any jerking off). Usually if a video is both on Gumroad and Clips4Sale it’s cheaper on Gumroad so you might want to compare lists on this page. Your purchases keep this blog going; thank you and Happy 4th to those of you who celebrate it.

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