Skylit Shredded Self-Worshiper (Oiled-Up Flexing, Abs Punching, Etc.)

From the product description for Skylit Shredded Self-Worshiper: We went with black and white for this clip because we think the film noir look adds drama, as if any were needed, to Devon’s skylit flexing, self-punching and nipple play. The contrast emphasizes his striations, vascularity, and five-o’-clock shadow, and there’s no place the viewer would rather be than below as Devon oils himself up, worships his own muscles and gets himself off.

Note: my immediate travel plans have changed since I posted this clip. Now I’ll be in Hope, Arkansas (limited availability) April 19-20, then Dallas on April 21. Interested in meeting? Fill out the contact form on the meetups page.

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