Body Worship in the Bayborhood

From the product description for Body Worship in the Bayborhood: Our studio isn’t normally known for romantic videos, but this one comes awfully damn close as Devon and Nathan, a sexy young admirer who lives on a 30-foot sailboat anchored between Miami and South Beach, exhibit a rare, undeniable chemistry from the moment they first canoe out to the boat.

Although Nathan sometimes lightly punches Devon’s abs (and sometimes Devon instinctively punches them himself) to show how rock-hard they are, the emphasis is squarely on muscle worship and nipple play as Nathan savors every striated inch of shredded muscle on Devon’s body and savors his succulent nips — and it’s clear Devon can’t keep his hands off Nathan either! (They also make out, which is something you’ll only see Devon doing on film when he means it.) The action moves from cockpit to cabin to v-berth, allowing viewers to enjoy the views from every angle. NOTE: due to the tightness of the shots in the v-berth combined with our first time filming with a new camera you won’t actually see them blow their loads although you’ll be able to tell it’s happening (and occasionally see the tip of Devon’s cock bobbing into the frame), so this video is best for viewers who are primarily motivated by muscle worship itself rather than dicks (i.e., our kind of guys). With that said, we can and will correct the problem next time we film, which can’t come soon enough! 😉

Current travels:

Washington, D.C. Dec. 20-21 (morning only on the 21st)
Richmond, Va. Dec. 21 (evening only)
Unavailable Dec. 22-26
Charlotte, N.C. Dec. 27-28
Back in Houston Dec. 29

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