Biceps Busting Tape by the Beach

From the product description for Biceps Busting Tape by the Beach: Devon’s admirer from our hit video West Palm Split Peaks is back with more tape for Devon to try flexing through in their oceanfront hotel room overlooking Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Sometimes Devon breaks the tape and sometimes the tape breaks Devon (which is almost hotter), but each time Devon’s veins bulge nearly to the point of explosion. The video also includes muscle worship, silhouetted flexing against the window, and tape bursting with lat spreads through a compression shirt.

My updated travel dates:

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Dec. 12
New York City Dec. 13-14
Unavailable Dec. 15-16
Albany, N.Y. Dec. 17-18
Washington, D.C. Dec. 19-20
Richmond, Va. Dec. 21
Unavailable Dec. 22-26
Charlotte, N.C. Dec. 27-28

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