The latest (hurricane release special)

I’ve postponed by return to Houston for a week due to Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. I’ll be in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area through September 4, flying back to Houston on September 5. To help alleviate some of the uncertainty, I’m offering my clip store’s first special. So far as I know my apartment is still fine, and I hope you get off to my videos, so I’m calling it a hurricane release sale — not relief, though I’ll be relieved if it goes well.

Here’s how it works:

Buy $50 worth of videos from the homoabnormative clip store, email me the proof of purchase at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com, and choose your free video from the following titles:

Muscle worshiped and gut punched by a lanky jock (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 1 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 2 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1080p or 640p)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 4 (1080p or 640p)
Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia (720p or 640p)
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 2 (1080p or 640p)

Many thanks for your support, and be sure to let me know how you enjoy the videos.

Subcultures of the many and the one (GP and muscle worship)

A look at how meeting guys from the general gay public on Grindr or Scruff for gut punching and muscle worship is different than when they’re part of a GP subculture.

This video features footage from the following available-to-own clips (click the links for previews and descriptions):

A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples Part 1
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 3 (1.5-on-1)
Smackdown in Secaucus Part 4 (2-on-1)

The following new clips have been added to the clip studio:

Devon eats out Shane’s vacuum in West Virginia
Appalachian Abs Bash Part 1

Ramblin’ man (OH and WV)

The homoabnormative YouTube channel is back in action! Below the new video are links to what we posted elsewhere via this blog while the channel’s posting privileges were suspended.

Follow the blog by clicking the folder icon near the top of your browser. Click here to check out the latest available-to-own videos, including the first one featuring Shane Tyler of the amazing stomach vacuums who appeared in several of the blog’s early videos back in March.

(Upside-down) post-beatdown breakdown

Decompress with me as I tell you about a creative use for inversion tables (they’re a much better head rush than poppers). Muscle worship and gut punching are amazing upside down.

The 16-minute video Upside-down muscle worship, gut punching and nipple play is available to own at my clip store. The paintings appearing on the walls in that clip and others are also available to own; email me at homoabnormative AT gmail DOT com to inquire.

Post-beatdown breakdown: The twink’s trajectory

Although gut punching and muscle worship don’t sound all that intuitive, they’re actually incredibly easy for relative newcomers and even first-timers to master. As is decidedly not true of the two staples of gay hookups – anal and oral – enthusiasm counts for more than technique, although when it came to manipulating a crutch in my belly button, this twink showed he had some alright.

Links to the full clips:

A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples – Part 1
A twink worships Devon’s ripped muscles and sucks his nipples – Part 2
Testing Devon’s shredded abs and belly button with a crutch

Mirrored flexing with an elastic band and other toys

Admiring his beautiful muscular physique in a full length mirror, Devon finds an off-label use for a standard elastic exercise band, wrapping it around his neck and torso so that when he flexes his vascular muscles in certain ways or punches himself the band tightens around his neck.

Once the band works itself tight enough that he can let go, Devon switches to doing crucifix poses with a wooden stretcher, twisting his aesthetic, V-shaped torso and flexing hard — and with a big smile on his face — before whacking himself across the ripped abdomen repeatedly. Next he leans the handle of a crutch against the foot of the bed and drives the bottom of the crutch into his belly button, impaling himself and moaning in ecstasy. The whole time Devon eagerly watches his mirror image–the next best scenario to Devon being twins–and both Devon and his godlike reflection cum, moaning and growling with abandon.

The full 7-minute version is now available in my clip store.