Beachside Body Worship (available in two editions)

This will probably be one of our most popular videos yet. From the product description:

Devon meets up with a bodybuilder in Jensen Beach, Florida, for some smoldering mutual muscle worship. You’ll love the contrast between the bodybuilder’s beef and Devon’s sleek, shredded physique as they flex, grab onto each other’s muscles and squeeze hard. Expect lots of powerful bear hugs, playful wrestling around, hot nipple play, choking, and Devon taking punches to his rock-hard abs. The guys had a friend filming, so there are lots of great angles and shifting points of view. A true keeper for anyone who loves authentic, spontaneous chemistry between muscular guys.

Note that there are two editions of this clip — a nudity-free one at my Gumroad studio, and a longer one featuring nudity and me blowing my load at my Clips4Sale studio (where, yes, we have a short explicit trailer).

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